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A world Class Virtual PBX VOIP System

A Virtual PBX phone system connects all of your human resources as well as you customers, irrespective of where they are present. Head offices, branch offices, home offices, adaptable workers and even the worldwide offices can all be reachable through a individual phone number. With the Virtual PBX all you need to have is one phone per staff and a committed point-to-point link or an Internet link and you don't have to acquire or administer any accessories except the phones. With a Virtual PBX System, one can handle each call that comes through with proficiency and avoid a huge investment. Virtual PBX shows a similar interface found in your traditional PBX, however, many other features of virtual PBX are included, such as caller ID, transferring, fax, voicemail and music on hold.With and IP PBX phone system, you can enjoy sophisticated call handling such as auto attendant , advanced call forwarding and voice mail which can be set up quickly and with just a click on the mouse.

C.I.I.T’s VPBX Feature:

Self Service Extension Management

IP-VPBX Platform offers the ability for clients and administrators to define their own extensions using user-friendly web interface, eliminating the need to call a technician each time an extension added or changed.

Extension Group Management

With this feature, administrators are able to define extension groups for specific departments. For example, they may define a group of 10 extensions as a sales team. Then, when an inbound call is received, the caller will either have the option to “press 1 for sales” and all 10 sales group extensions will ring at the same time until one person picks up. This is also managed through or web interface with no intervention needed by a technician.

Mobile Softphones for IP-VPBX

Organizations can offer their employees Mobile VoIP on their iPhone and Android Devices through Wi-Fi or 3G connection, with an invaluable feature set addressing corporate needs. Employees can assign unique numbers to their smart phones or forward their existing office lines to ring directly on their Application. With the Call Pick Up Feature, professionals running in and out of their offices have the advantage of placing calls on hold on their IP Phones and resuming them on their Smart phones enabled. Calls can also be transferred from the application to other colleagues’ extensions or to the office, with either a Blind or Attended Transfer. Employees can receive voicemails on their SOFTPHONE, which they can retrieve from the application directly, or through their email as an attached MP3 file. Multinational corporations can cut expenditure with free inner-network calling between employees on their IP Phone or mobile soft phones no matter where they are situated globally. Companies can brand their applications under their own corporate image and customize the features and calling plans for their employees.


VPBX provides all the functionality required to deploy a full featured voice messaging solution to all enterprise, SOHO, and residential users. Voicemail interface is user-friendly and includes a Web interface to manage settings and mailboxes.

Voicemail to Email & Unified Messaging

With Voicemail to Email, end users can retrieve their voicemails through email, making it even more convenient to use VoIP for their business calls.

Auto Attendant

Creating auto attendants for each company is easy with friendly web interface. Administrators of each company can set up their own auto attendant to announce the company name and list departments by extension. For example, it may say, “Thank you for calling 123VOIP, for sales press 1, for customer service press 2.”

DID (Direct Inward Dialing Number) Assignment

IP-VPBX Platform enables administrators to assign multiple DID’s to each company. Each extension can also have its own complete phone number or “direct dial.” Quick Tip Companies with international clientele may assign multiple phone numbers to each extension. For example, a sales person in the US may have a US, UK, and Mexico number forwarded to their phone, making it easy and affordable for international clients to reach them.

Find Me Follow Me

With the growing number of people working from home or on the road, this feature enables end users to define an array of phone numbers where they can be reached so that they can receive business calls while they are away from their desk. For example, an employee may have their calls forwarded to their home, remote office, or cell phone so they don’t miss an important call. End users can easily set up their list of numbers themselves using the customer web portal with no intervention needed from the administrator or a technician.

Music on hold

This feature allows service providers to play music, advertisements, or custom messages when calls are on hold.

Auto Attendant Bypass

For added convenience, administrators can define a list of phone numbers of incoming callers that will be recognized by the system and automatically forwarded to the appropriate extension, without the caller having to listen to the auto attendant or dial an extension.

Call Parking

This feature allows end users to forward calls to a “parking lot” to be picked up by any other phone in the company.

Caller ID

The Caller ID feature supports Caller ID by name and number. Administrators can assign names to specific phone numbers so that end users are able to see the company or individual’s name and phone number when they receive a call.

Call Forwarding

This module enables customers to have calls forwarded to another number or branch extension. Calls, can be forwarded under a specific condition, such as when an extension is busy or when calls are not answered. For example, if customers are expecting a call while they are out of the office, they can forward their calls to their cell phone.

Call Waiting

This feature allows customers to receive a second call while they are already using the phone line. They can put the current call on hold and answer another incoming call. They have the option to go back to the previous call whenever they like.

Call Transfer

This feature allows calls to be transferred from one extension to another within a company. Because end users are taking advantage of VoIP, calls can be transferred to any IP phone within the company regardless of the location. This is particularly beneficial for companies with multiple locations who still need to transfer calls within the company and will also result in huge cost savings since calls between IP-IP extensions are free.

3 way calling

The VoIP Class 5 server offers conferencing services for businesses and residential customers. This feature is available to any SIP customer including SIP IP Phones and SIP PC2Phones.

7-Digit Dialing

Digit Dialing feature allows end users to dial a phone number without having to enter the country/state/province code. Administrators can use the web interface to predefine phone numbers according to their location. For example, instead of dialing (703) 779-2055, users would be able to call that number by dialing 779-2055.

4-Digit Dialing

4-Digit Dialing feature allows end users to dial a phone number without having to enter the country/state/province code and the local area number. Administrators can use the web interface to predefine phone numbers based on the local area. For example, instead of dialing (703) 779-2055, users would be able to call that number simply by dialing 2055.

Call Pickup

This feature enables end users to pick up an extension that is not their own by dialing a command and the extension number.

Extension Range Flexibility

IP-VPBX, each company’s administrator can set its own number of digits per extensions. For example, one company may have 3 digit extension, while another company may have a 4 digit extension.

Fax Support

Our IP-PBX Solution will support fax pass through with T38 protocol.

Cloud Based Service Delivery

VPBX does not require costly hardware to be set up on site at their customer's location, which translates to huge savings for the Service Provider as well as their customer. Because the platform can be managed through a user friendly web portal, there is no need for onsite technical help when changing an extension or phone number and service providers can offer cloud based services to their clients.

Ease of Deployment

User friendly solutions that are deployed quickly and easily, allowing our clients to focus on their business and marketing initiatives, rather than having to develop their own features or deal with technical issues. We understand that a business’s phone system is mission critical; that’s why we provide daily online technical support and fully redundant solutions so our clients can rest assured that they can deliver high quality and reliable VoIP service.

Unified Communications & Telecommuting Benefits

Organizations are increasingly becoming more geographically spread out, opening offices in other countries and encouraging their employees to work remotely. Aside from the dramatic cost savings of VoIP calling, organizations who implement an IP-PBX Solution also benefit from increased convenience. With the  Cloud Based IP-VPBX platform, employees can be located anywhere in the world and will be able to access and receive calls at their extension as long as they have access to the internet. Calls can be transferred from extension to extension regardless of the physical location of the party, making it more efficient for organizations to communicate internally. With the Find Me, Follow Me feature, VPBX end users can have their calls forwarded to any location or phone (ie: cell phone, home phone, work phone, or any other location), making it easy to work remotely.