Virtual PBX  




A world Class Virtual PBX VOIP System

A Virtual PBX phone system connects all of your human resources as well as you customers, irrespective of where they are present. Head offices, branch offices, home offices, adaptable workers and even the worldwide offices can all be reachable through a individual phone number. With the Virtual PBX all you need to have is one phone per staff and a committed point-to-point link or an Internet link and you don't have to acquire or administer any accessories except the phones. With a Virtual PBX System, one can handle each call that comes through with proficiency and avoid a huge investment. Virtual PBX shows a similar interface found in your traditional PBX, however, many other features of virtual PBX are included, such as caller ID, transferring, fax, voicemail and music on hold.With and IP PBX phone system, you can enjoy sophisticated call handling such as auto attendant , advanced call forwarding and voice mail which can be set up quickly and with just a click on the mouse.